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Portrait art can allow us to use our imagination to help capture the spirit of a person, the sparkle in their eye, or the dimple in their chin. Portraits of children touch our hearts and never grow old. Portraits from snapshots not only keep children young but can rekindle the joy of youth gone by. Portraits from everyday snapshots or of a special moment can turn into beautiful, artistic expressions of love. Portraits can also stand in tribute to those we loved and cherished when they are no longer with us.

Some of our most treasured photos are of our faithful and loyal family pets. Their portraits allow us to forever feel their warm presence. Colored pencil on textured paper or mat board gives a painting a unique look without distracting from the main focus. 

Many of our fondest memories are in photos of places and things: a place of nostalgia we loved; the barn or church that is no longer standing; our love of wildlife or automobiles.

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